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Would you like to replace your old flat roof for a long lasting fibreglass solution? GRP Roofing in Fife offers many benefits which other types of flat roofing system simply cannot provide.

The flat roof we provide will be design and quality led. The overall finish will be to seem like the flat roof was constructed with the original house design and the materials used and the labor used will be of high standard and all employed will be respectful and caring in their work and manner to clients.

Our workmanship and experience in the installation of flat roofing in Fife makes us one of the leading flat roofing companies in the market. If you’re looking to replace the flat roof on your home, then our GRP fibreglass roofing systems in Fife are for you.


Benefits include:grp roof in fife - image shows a shed roof

  • Impermeable to water
  • Flexible, durable material
  • Astonishingly low maintenance
  • Long-lasting, dependable results

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Fibreglass Roof Fitting & Repairs – GRP Roofing

GRP Roofing in Fife is completely water-tight and provides a very effective, hard-wearing protective covering, ideal for both big commercial properties to smaller domestic ones. Whatever your needs, our skilled workforce provide the skills and experience necessary to guide you on the most appropriate roofing method.

All the work we complete, from roofing to fascias and soffits, is conducted to the highest achievable standard, ensuring that your roof will provide you with many years of efficient service. And, because all our work is fully guaranteed and insured, you’ve got complete peace of mind that it will perform as intended. Should your GRP roofing need any repairs, our specialist team have the skills and knowledge to get the task finished efficiently and to a high standard.


Areas Covered

We offer:

  • GRP Roofing in Kirkcaldy

  • GRP Roofing in Dunfermline

  • GRP Roofing in Cupar

  • GRP Roofing in St Andrews

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project for grp roofing in fife - image shows a finished extension with a grp roof